A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Beneath is a turn based Rogue-like RPG. The Player is put into the position of a daring adventurer, who like many people desire to see what lies beneath.

The Game is also available to play online along with the original, at TheRealmGames.co.uk.


Initially created for the Ludumdare 29, this game has undergone quite a few changes since the original. I hope you all enjoy the game. Currently development has ground to a halt, but if you'd like to see more updates or any suggestions then just let me know. I know the game's difficulty balancing needs a little tweaking and that will be a priority in a weeks time.

-Mouse (left clicking does mostly everything).
-Space Bar uses up one turn.
-The Pickup GUI component lies at the bottom middle of the screen and it may be a little hard to see.

-The Aim of the game is to get as far down as you can.
-The Level reloads when you reach the downwards stairs.
-The Slimes get harder to kill as you descend so stock up on health potions and find a better piece of metal to cut them down with!!!

Install instructions


Download the .exe file and run it just like any other program :) (Double-click it)


1) Download the .jar file.

2) Make sure that the latest version of java is installed, if you are not sure then go to here to check and install if not.

3) Right-click and select 'Open with' then Java Platform SE binary. (There may be two entries here just try both and use the one that works)


Beneath.jar 3 MB
Beneath.exe 3 MB